SNS Aggregator

Here are the SNS sites I’m using now:

Facebook, Twitter, MSN Space, Douban, Pownce, Caimai……

To tell you the truth, I’m exhausted with so many redundant sites with nearly the same content.

Social is a good thing, only if I don’t have to copy every blog post and status and tweets to 100 different sites.

I need a widget-based tool to aggregate all SNS sites functions in my own blog.

Why online advertisements fail

I’ve made a small-budget advertisement on Google Adsense and Facebook Ads, and both failed.

Eye-tracking studies have shown users ignore ads and ads-similar elements (like shining text & colorful square images) . The essential reason is online users are initiative, not captive.

People go to websites for specific purpose (even without purpose, they have this special purpose for surfing around), and no one likes to be a slave of ads. This process is totally different from seeing ads on bus, where you have no other choice than staring at ads for fun; and also different from search ads, which is more an helpful recommendation tool than spam.

Passivity is the killing factor for a successful ad campaign. FocusMedia, a phenomenon in China’s media history, is pushing ads into users’ “boring” time, e.g. on bus, waiting for elevator, queuing before cashier……People love it because they have no better choice than those ads.

Tudou is one of the largest video sharing site in China. The interesting thing about it is a similar ad model: Watching ads while waiting for video loading.

在经历了google adsense的内容广告和facebook的精准广告的失败之后,互联网广告已经让我绝望了。互联网广告的失败之处在于,用户已经越来越主动了,他们准确的知道自己上网的目的是为了搜寻某种信息,即使无聊上网,也是在寻找一些可以打发时间的乐子。任何时候,广告都是过街老鼠。眼球追踪实验的研究已经证实用户一直在本能的躲避广告(以及类似于广告的元素)。


分众传媒就是靠“无聊广告” 起家的,在你等电梯的时候,在公车上发呆的时候,在排队结帐的时候,简直无聊之极,这个时候广告就是救世主。同样,土豆网也是,在视频加载的时候,网页的背景就是一副多彩的大广告,的确可以打发时间,用户也愿意看。