视频营销第一波 (First Round Video Marketing)

前段时间shute给了一个提醒,最近劲舞团、80后和90后两代人视频对骂的风波还没过,可以去火上浇油。正好看到stanford管理工程科的学生Dan Ackerman Greenberg成立了一个视频营销公司(The Comotion Group ),并在techcrunch详细介绍了如何运作一个视频营销的流程,于是自己也去尝试了一下,略有成效。观察了一下热门的播放了几百万次的那些视频:

虽然还不错,但并没有传说中的那么好看。中国人和外国人都有从众心理,看得人多的,就会 有凑热闹的心理趋势;如果有10万人说好看,你就不得不说好看,不然就只能说明你不正常。这就是法国人Le Bon在《乌合之众》里所说的,人一旦进入群体之中,就会丧失个性和判断力,服从整个群体的暗示。

所以让一个视频开始病毒式增长 ,最关键的就是最初的x个浏览量和y个评价。x和y是两个可以调整的数字,取决于让该视频进入受关注页面的门槛。在youtube可能需要12小时内产生5万个播放次数和200个“wow! that rocks, dude”之类的留言,才会进入“Daily Most Viewed videos”页面,让之后的人产生it really rocks的错觉,并迫使自己服从这个暗示。而在视频尚不发达的中国,经过测试只需要在6小时内产生1000次播放和20条类似“哇,太牛了!真有趣”之类的留言,即可进入某子栏目“今日热门视频”的第一页,吸引很多注意力。

那么如何达到前最初的x和y呢?Dan的做法是 通过现有渠道来瞬间铺开:



3、去myspace的热门人物页面留言 并插入视频


5、利用朋友的关系:确保所有认识的人都看过这个视频 ,并鼓励他们介绍给自己的朋友

Dan用上面的招数可以在一夜之内搞定5万个播放次数 ,并进入“Most viewed list”页面。


在进入某个级别的热门视频页之后, 后续的浏览会开始加快,但这还不够,还需要继续发力,让该视频进入主频道的第一页才可以真正形成滚雪球效应,开始自然增长。如何进入主频道第一页呢?需要在12小时之内达到2万次播放即可,然后就会进入主频道第一页,这算是成功80%了。由于该页的存活时间只有发布后24小时之内,所以越早达到2万次,后续效果时间就越长。我当时花了18个小时才达到2万次,后续时间之有6小时,很亏。

to Mika:

Viral video marketing is a growing trend in marketing industry. In Standford Univ. there’s a student Dan Ackerman Greenberg who just founded a company providing such service: make customers’ videos be viewed over 100,000 times over one night, getting them into the most popular video page, and make millions of people see the video inside which some ads is integrated. That’s a most effective and lowest-cost way of marketing for online product

One important fact about viral video is: a viral video is good, but in most case they are not so good as they seems to be (can you imagine what a 6-million-views video should be like? ). Someone behind can make them viral under certain principles.

The first principles is reach a jumping off point of SNOWBALL ROLLING. if you can achieve 100,000 views within 12 hours, then you’re on an easy way to a 1-million-views video.


According to Dan, there are serveral ways: pay for high-traffic blog, embed video in many forums and MySpace comments, share it with facebook friends and off-line friends too.

For chinese video site, even the biggest ones like YOUKU.com, it’s far easier than YouTube. You don’t need 100,000 views to squeeze into the most popular channel. 1000 is enough. You can achieve 1000 views within 1 hour with 2 PCs working together. Top chinese video sharing sites don’t block page refresh from the same IP. Maybe they are on purpose of cultivating the chinese video marketing industry in infancy.

Finally, I made an video which I already showed you last night, and achieved 1,000 view within 2 hours, and 17,000 views within 18 hours, in the last 6 hours on shelf, my video was on the first page of most viewed videos today. After 24 hours, the total views reached 31,000.

I embedded a subtle advertisement inside the video, which brings 1300 visitors altogether.

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