How to deal with stress?

Keep busy

Don’t hurry

Don’t worry

and Be happy

To Mika:

Just as I told you several times, there is a proverb I believe very much:

A happy man, even he becomes a beggar, he is happy. A free man, even he goes to jail, he is free.

I’m always trying to be a happy and free man. After so many things, I’m pretty sure that it is ATTITUDE which determines all.

Life is always with ups and downs, and in most cases, only sadness makes me realize the existence of happiness. Just like rich men can not feel the necessity of money, but a poor man can feel like heaven when he gets salary doubled.

Life is long process of fighting with problems, and enjoying the happiness of solving problems. When I was a kid, I had problems of growing up, and a little bit later I had to face the trouble of dating pretty girls, then came the problems of keeping love fresh and steady, then I have to struggle with career, marriage, children, disease and death……I have so many trouble in my whole life. If I just look at my long life from high above, I suddenly see that, all the problems I have now, are just small and short-time problems compared with the problems in the future. When I look back to the life and trouble 10 years ago, I’m laughing at myself. How childish boy I was! But I have to admit that all those troubles and problems made me grow up from a child to a man.

Some problems are everyone-will-experience problems, such as graduating from school, looking for a decent job, failure in love…..Everyone face those problems one day. Even you can skip them now, you still have to face it someday. It’s better to be early than late. It made me really annoyed and nervous when I met those stuff for the first time in my life. But fortunately, I did not kill myself because of that. And now I feel really thankful to those problems, because they made me stronger and more experienced of life. It’s easy to fail something when you do it for the first time, but next time you must have a higher successful rate. That’s why divorced men have higher chance to get a better marriage next time. If you feel afraid of looking for a job, you can choose to go to graduate school and doing a doctor’s degree, but after all you still have to face the job. It doesn’t give you any advantage if you start job searching from 30 years old. Be brave! Face what you should face directly!

What kind of a man do you like others to remember you as? “Oh, he is a taxi driver for his whole life”, “He works as editor for 50 years in local newspaper, and he finally became chief editor 5 years ago”, “He was accountant for many companies, and never made even one mistake”……Yes,we can choose this plain type of life. But why don’t we dare to bring something colorful into our life? Maybe one day you can tell your grand children:”I experienced lots of things in my life. I’ve been to a top college, and I had a street stall for several months, then I became a insurance salesman, and later turn into a truck driver. I had 3 girlfriends, 2 failed. I was once beaten by someone, and I also beat someone else. I’ve lost my job once, but I’ve tasted the Kool-aid of being invited by top managers too. I’ve experienced desperate, and ecstasy too. I’ve been to many places, and known all kinds of people, listened to music of all styles, learned many languages. I’ve stayed in slum area, and I’ve been to 5-star hotels too. I’ve been employed, but also started my own company. I’ve been so poor, and also I’ve been very rich…..” Such a life, full of trouble and joy, failure and success, isn’t it a worthy life?








4 thoughts on “How to deal with stress?”

  1. Once he becomes a teen, he is stressed by dating and relationship.

    On the other hand If an individual lacks external support either social or material it can potentially
    weaken a persons ability to cope. Lack of sleep, friction with children,
    extra worries, and more drain on finances, as
    well as the conflict between different areas of life, all contribute to higher parent stress levels.

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