Failure of QQ’s Social

Well, is one of the largest sites in the world (Alexa: 16),  with over 700 million Chinese users.  I did not make a mistake on the number. It’s true, 700 million, or let’s say 0.7 billion users, twice the US population.

Before this experiment, I expected millions of visits if I can really push Tucia China to the top 5 of QQ Bookmark‘s home page. I made it. But this time I was totally wrong with my expectation:

  • Tucia China got 26,000 bookmarks ( My God, it was 26,000!), and stay in the QQ Bookmark’s home page for 24 hours;
  • Only 2000 visits were generated up till now, that is, over 93% of bookmarkers never clicked the title to see what’s inside.
  • Google’s search results shows that no one ever shared this “popular” story online

In the mean time, one of my previous post became one of the most popular story of

  • 113 bookmarks, brought me 600 visits directly.
  • Many kinds of online sharings & spreading were brought about, including FriendFeed, twitter, and other social aggregation sites, e.g.,, This part attracted more than 1000 visits.
  • Later, the article was translated to japanese by Gigazine and soon published by Livedoor, which brought me 500 more visits. And some of my other articles were also tranlated by japanese and korean readers.

The result is quite clear: with the same number of bookmarks, the social effect of is 280 times more than QQ Bookmark. And, QQ Bookmark is totally not a social bookmark.