The most unpractical nation

When I was still a student in Peking Uni. I felt really funny to see official banner with slogans like “Let’s turn our school into a world-class university”. If this slogan is for students like me, then why not just tell me how? What should I do to make this school to be world class? If it’s for the unv. president, then why the hell did you put it here publicly? I’m pretty sure that we can never make it as long as this slogan still hangs there. The reason is quite simple: world class school consists of world class students, and those students can never stand with such a stupid banner.

From Beijing to Shenzhen, then to Shanghai and Hangzhou, in every city, there are common slogans like “Enforce  The Law Strictly”, “Keep enforcing the traffic rules”, “Strengthening the education of law & rules”……Chinese have got used to it but I never understood who were these slogans created for and why they publish them on the streets.

In the bus, I can see slogans like “Don’t carry dangerous things on the bus”. Come on, dude! You want me to drop my personal belongings out of window right now when I am already on the bus??? Are you serious?

When something is created with no particular purpose or positive effect except ruining the environment and destroying people’s mood, it’s UNPRACTICAL. And Chinese is surely the most unpractical nation in the universe.

We created most banners and beautiful slogans like poets, more than all the other slogans in the world added together.

We created endless and meaningless awards, such as “Civilized Family Award” (other families are still monkey?) , “5 Good Family Award”(wow…sooooo good), “Law-Respecting Family” ( my family are not criminals either, dude)….

We hold numerous and unnecessary celebrating meetings & performances on every festival, even no one wants to go there and see it, they can work out a solution to get enough fake audience and painful performers dancing really happily on the stage.

We jam 50% of the TV news with junks like leaders holding hands and sitting on a routine meeting, and pad the other 50% of news with repeating speeches like “Elevating the people’s living quality”, “Increase the farmers’ incoming”, “Local leaders should be strict on themselves”….I have to admit that all of the speeches are damn right, but that doesn’t make them not junky at all.

What an ironic nation.

Chinese version of this post: 最不务实的民族