Practical Tips for Google SEO


Never underestimate the power of SEO. It’s the most effective & healthy way of marketing online. Although Google is constantly changing its algorithm of search ranking, but some basic rules for SEO still works at least now. Here is several tips from my own experience when I was in charge of the promotion for Tucia.


Pay money and extend your domain expiration time to 5 or 10 years later, so that Google won’t easily put you into the list of temporary spamming & cheating sites.

80/20 Rule:

20% of your keywords bring 80% of traffic. Give up all the other keywords except these 20% most important ones. 3~5 keywords would be the best. Focus on them.

Forget 6%:

Adjust your content, link’s TITLE, image’s ALT and everything else to high light your keywords. Don’t be afraid of too many keywords (forget about the 6% density limit), because you’ll never have enough high keywords density in a readable text.

I’ve seen a very stupid personal site with lousy page TITLE, DESCRIPTION, META, and shitty codes, but standing right on the top of Google search results. The only reason is ultra-high keyword density which I can never achieve when I try to make visitor enjoy reading it at the same time, for God’s sake.

Avoid Duplication:

Every page must have a different TITLE and DESCRIPTION and also different content text, unless you want Google to put you into the list of trash-producing sites.

Cross-Level Consistency:

You need to make Google believe that you page is highly related to the keywords, which can be simply done by putting the same text in different levels of the same page. Such as link TITLE, link TEXT, image ALT. For example, this text link to abc.htm:

<a href=”/abc.htm” title=”keyword1-keyword2″>keyword1-keyword2</a>

and this image link to abc.htm

<a href=”/abc.htm” title=”keyword1-keyword2″><img src=”/abc.jpg” alt=”keyword1-keyword2″ /></a>

Remember you have to put keyword1-keyword2 in the page TITLE of abc.htm

IF you can change the page file name of abc.htm to keyword1-keyword2.htm, that will be best:

<a href=”/keyword1-keyword2.htm” title=”keyword1-keyword2″><img src=”/keyword1-keyword2/keyword1-keyword2.jpg” alt=”keyword1-keyword2″ /></a>

Social Media Effect:

I found it by chance that a high rank in social media (e.g. Digg & will prominently make your rank higher in Google too. I send Tucia to a low-cost social media marketing service, which helped me to get 600 diggs & 300 bookmarkers in a short time. In 72 hours, I found Tucia climbed to Google’s 2nd page from 5th page with the same search keywords.

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